We help authors and publishers.

We offer Editorial, Book Design, and Consultation for independent publishers and authors who require assistance with publishing and self-publishing. We specialize in both academic and trade publications. Our group of professional editors, designers, and consultants are on standby, ready to help transform your manuscript into a ‘professionally designed’ published book.

For a free assessment and estimate of your project, email your word doc manuscript to: books@iwigwam.com 

We can be reached by phone at: 1-307-217-6450

Here is a partial list of the services we offer.

  • Pre-Publication Consulting.
  • Self-Publishing Consulting.
  • Editorial Consulting.
  • Manuscript Evaluation Service.
  • Custom Book Cover Design – Paperbacks, Hardcovers, eBooks.
  • Custom Interior Book Design – Paperbacks, Hardcovers, eBooks.
  • New Title Press Release Service.
  • Manuscript: Formatting – Editing – Proofreading.
  • Publisher Submissions – preparation and packaging your manuscript for submission to publishers.
  • Website Design and Maintenance.